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Writers promoting writers . . . with genuine pizazz!

• Do you have insecurities about doing self-promotion?

• Do you enjoy collaborating with other writers?

• Do you enjoy promoting other writers (and it even comes naturally to you) but feel icky doing the same kind of word of mouth for yourself?

• Do you have promotional resources or skills you’d love to share—anything from sheer enthusiasm to a big Twitter following?

If you answered Yes to anything on this list, please consider becoming of member of Writers Together. Membership is free and there are many benefits.

. . . a free online course to help you get immersed in a world of promotion that’s almost GUARANTEED to be more fun than whatever you’re currently doing!

. . . friendly forums where you can socialize and collaborate with other writers.

. . . quick and easy writing assignments and tasks that will turn the chore of promoting into an enjoyable reciprocal activity.

. . . inspirational news bulletins to keep you in the loop.

. . . opportunities to contribute to the course curriculum, tweet from the official site, show your expertise in articles

PLUS many other promotional avenues that will always work to increase your own visibility, even while you’re helping other writers.

Sounds great! BUT – What kind of time commitment are we talking?

Writers Together is designed to fit into your life without the dread of another huge time sink. This is possible partly because it’s a collaborative—the power of many instead of struggling alone!—and partly because the online course is self-paced.

You can login any time you want to, choose an area to work in and (a) just do some reading (b) do one of the quick and easy tasks to promote another writer—who will in turn be more eager to promote you (c) do one of the self-promotional tasks, such as add some writing news and a relevant link to your member’s profile and announce it in the forums or (d) continue a conversation you’re having in either a social or a collaborative forum.

We want to help you melt down the typical blocks to marketing yourself as a writer. The biggest two being “I don’t have time!” and “I hate blowing my own horn!”

What will you be allowed to promote?

Anything that furthers your cause as a writer, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. This can be anything from your blog, your poems, your stories, your Twitter account, your latest published article, your latest guest blog post, a book you need advance publicity for, a book that’s already published, a weekly or monthly event for writers, a coaching service, writing retreat, workshop or course that helps writers. You name it!

There’s also a special forum where you can promote your non-writing products and services.

Our Philosophy

Our motto is Writers promoting writers . . . with genuine pizazz! The environment is all about supporting one another, so that’s where the word “genuine” comes in. And we’ll always be looking for new ways to add a little pizzazz to our mutual promo efforts. This doesn’t mean tacky or over-sensationalized. It means done with style and heart, and performed with a sense of the meaningfulness of helping one another—the opposite of cookie cutter.

It also means fun!

5/19/12 – We’re just getting started so the online course isn’t ready yet. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll let you know when the (free) online course and membership application is ready to go. Meanwhile, here are two things you can do to help us get the ball rolling:

1. Leave a comment below to tell us your interest level.

2. Follow us and start sending your friends to check us out!


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