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Our current free mini-course is available below. Scroll down and look for the form where you can “enroll†in a one-story online course.

Both the storyline and the mini-course structure come with built-in low commitment and heaps of fun experimentation.

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Put your neuroses into your characters

Tuition: $39

An irreverent course where you’ll write 5 new stories and learn some fun research tricks to enliven your imagination.

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Your character’s destiny is written in the stars

Tuition: $59

An imaginative course where you’ll write 13 new stories and learn a fun way to use the zodiac to enhance your writing.

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Then Why Are You Giving Me a Free Course?

Simple. If you have fun while you’re here, you might tell other writers about this site.

Milli also derives much pleasure from seeing writers liberated from their inhibitions. She enjoys reading the stories with her morning coffee.

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