Unleash the Power Hidden in Procrastination!

Tuition: $55 (self-paced)

Unleash the Power Hidden in Procrastination - Unleashyourwriting.comHOW COULD THERE be any power hidden in procrastination? We all know what a drain it is, and how bad it feels—where’s the good in that?

This course will give you a whole new perspective on procrastination, showing you exactly how to find and unleash the power. You’ll be surprised how much backlog you can clear up in your life once you tap the power and use it to do your bidding.

There’s nothing mysterious or difficult about it, either. It’s a commonsense approach with plenty of baby steps, as well as a variety of strategies you can try on for size. Find out what works best for you! And then focus on what works.


How to Get the Most from This Course
What Does Power Mean to You Right Now?
Pretend You’re Having a Power Outage
Put Yourself on the Line
Teeny Baby Steps
Reach Ignition

. . . and more

You don’t need to be a writer to take this course, but there is some writing required to complete the assignments. Please be sure you have time to do the assignments. The course is self-paced and can be completed in 4 weeks (or faster/slower, if you like).

Tuition: $55 (self-paced)


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