Household Budgeting Made Simple

Tuition: $29 (self-paced)

Household Budgeting Made Simple - -
“I hate budgeting! Budgeting sucks. But so does spinning out of control with my finances. Arrgh! where do I start? Everything’s a mess and I’m no good with numbers. . . .”

If this sounds like you then a good place to start is with this sensible online course. Originally an e-book, the author used the methods described in the book to save enough money (as a single mom on a shoestring budget) to move from Australia to the USA.

Milli’s e-book was featured at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County for several years. The e-book has been developed into an online course complete with easy-to-use budgeting worksheets and a step-by-step method to help you arrive at your own workable household budget. You might even find it fun!


The A-B-C’s of Personal Budgeting
How to Set Up Your Budgeting System
Should bank accounts have sex?
The Full [Monty] Budget Equation
Your Discretionary Spending Allowance
7 Secrets For Handling a Blow-Out

. . . and more

You don’t need to be a writer to take this course, but there is some writing required to complete the assignments. Please be sure you have time to do the assignments. The course is self-paced and can be completed in 2 weeks (or faster/slower, if you like).

Tuition: $29 (self-paced)


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