Become a Workshop Presenter

Tuition: $189 (self-paced)

Become a Workshop Presenter - Unleashyourwriting.comFind your passion and teach it!

You don’t have to wait for someone to ask you to teach what you know. Learn the baby steps to becoming a workshop presenter . . . you never know what it will lead to!

There are many reasons for setting out on this adventure: including promoting a book or other product, overcoming shyness, career advancement, and just plain old-fashioned fun. You’ll be amazed at how many skills you’ll learn—or rusty skills you’ll dig up—by getting up in front of people to talk about your passion. Written by a shy person who DIA (did it anyway).

This course will help you get started at a grassroots level, which is the best place to gain the practice and experience you’ll need to move up to bigger events and speaking engagements. Through the need to understand how to present it to workshop participants in a clear and engaging manner, you’ll learn your own material so well—discovering aspects of it you might not have been fully utilizing—you’ll likely end up with increased expertise in your field.


The Rewards of Being a Workshop Presenter
What’s the difference between a workshop and a lecture?
You Know Something That Others Want to Learn
Naming Your Workshop
Developing a Format for Your Workshop
How to Produce Eye-Catching and Educational Handouts
How to Write A Proposal for Adult Education Venues
Adult Education Venues That Will Give a Beginner a Chance
How to Organize an Independent Workshop
Gain Experience as a Speaker Before Your Workshop Debut
How to Test Your Workshop on Willing Guinea Pigs
Spread the Word (Cheaply!) About Your workshop
Design and Produce a Professional Workshop Brochure
Your Mailing List and Brochure Mail-Outs
More About Press Releases and Who To Send Them To
Teacher and Student, Come Prepared
Develop a Product for “Back of the Room Sales”
Tips for Running a Smooth Workshop
Injecting Fun Into Your Workshop Format
Testimonials Will Sell Your Workshop to Future Participants
The Fun of Learning Never Ends: Index Of Resources

You don’t need to be a writer to take this course, but there is some writing required to complete the assignments. Please be sure you have time to do the assignments. The course is self-paced and can be completed in 4-6 weeks (or faster/slower, if you like).

Tuition: $189 (self-paced)


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