Life Skills Courses (no need to be a writer for these courses)

Although Milli’s main focus is always on writing—and on helping writers unleash their creative potential—there are some non-writing topics she’s passionate about and wants to teach.

In fact, one of the courses in this section is about finding your own passion and teaching it.

Unleash the Power Hidden in Procrastination! will show you a surprising twist on the usual habit of loathing ourselves for procrastinating. Being given a whole new way of looking at it—plus simple strategies to help you turn inertia into action—you’ll be energized to tackle those things that have been bogging you down.

Start changing your life today. You’ll be glad you didn’t procrastinate about enrolling!

Unleash the Power Hidden in Procrastination -

Budgeting Made Simple is based on Milli’s experiences of surviving through lean times sticking to a sensible budget. If you’ve never been “good” at budgeting, Milli can show you how to change that dynamic, and how to gain satisfaction from taking control of your finances.

As with everything Milli teaches, the accent is on practical baby steps. You’ll be walked through the process of creating a budget that works for you, and shown some simple tricks that the fancy financial experts might have overlooked.

Household Budgeting Made Simple -  -

Become a Workshop Presenter is a practical guide for starting at the grassroots level to create your own workshop. Milli lived every step in this course (including learning from her mistakes) as she developed and taught the Fear of Writing Clinic and, later, the Tantrick Writing Clinic.

Milli’s approach contains no fluff or money-wasters: just a simple, systematic approach and baby steps to help you get there.

Become a Workshop Presenter -