Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days

Tuition – $295 self-paced | $595 with mentoring from Milli*

Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days - Unleashyourwriting.comHow long have you dreamed of being a screenwriter?

Have you made attempts to get started but then ended up floundering? Do you have half-written scripts lying unopened on your computer? Or do you just read a lot of screenwriting advice books and wish you knew how to stop procrastinating?

Perhaps you’ve written a script or two but found it an uphill battle just to get a first draft finished.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Most of the hard work should come during the rewriting stage. With enough of the right prep, the first draft of your script should pretty much write itself.

Students in this course use their own original story idea and put it through the various phases of the “29 Day” method to create their first draft.

What This Course Doesn’t Promise

This course will not teach you great writing—there are plenty of books and screenwriting programs out there to help you with that. Instead, this course will show you how to write a first draft without getting bogged down by your own creative inhibitions. Or by that devil named Procrastination.

Once you have a first draft, you can then increase your writing skills using the books or programs that teach great screenwriting. Since the “art of writing is in rewriting,” it’s better to have a first draft that needs improvement than to have an unwritten draft rattling around inside your head.

What This Course Will Deliver

This course deconstructs the process of producing a first draft—everything from time management to cutting through the formatting jungle to focus on your story instead. You’ll be shown a more effective lifestyle to adopt while you make your first draft happen . . . rather than waiting for ideal windows of time in which to write (and we all know those can be scarce).

Don’t wait for the right mood, either. This course will give you tips and tricks to break out of most of the bummers you might encounter when setting out to write a script.

There’s also a secret method for making your first draft easier to write. This course will render it easy for you to use. You’ll soon adopt the secret as your main weapon every time you want to write a new script.

If you’d like to finish the first draft of a screenplay sometime soon—instead of sometime in the hazy future—you’ll be very happy with the results you can get by applying the principles and techniques in this course.

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Please note that writing is required so be sure you have time to write the assignments. The course is self-paced and can be completed in about 8 weeks (or faster/slower, if you like).

Hey, wait a minute! I thought you said 29 Days?! Yes, if you follow the method presented in the course, you can write your first full-length script in roughly a month. However, you can’t do that without some prep. The first four weeks will be prep, and the second four weeks will be you writing your screenplay.

Tuition – $295 self-paced | $595 with mentoring from Milli*

* Mentoring from Milli includes 2 x 1-hour coaching calls, written feedback on your 29 Day plan and Milli’s daily support for 29 days to help you stick to your writing plan and get your script written. (See more about Milli’s coaching experience at Writer’s Muse Coaching Service.)


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