Working With an Editor

Tuition: $250 – includes mentoring from Milli

Working With an Editor - Unleashyourwriting.comHave you ever had the chance to work with an editor on something you wrote? To see that piece of writing developed to the point of publication?

If you have, did you feel as if you stepped inside the editor’s shoes and saw it from her perspective? Or are you still in the dark about how you managed to pull off getting published?

Whether you’re an aspiring writer who’s new to the online writing world, or a writer with a little more experience, this course will show you practical, commonsense ways to make a good impression on an editor.

This is not high-powered stuff that comes with the risk of failure. This is working one-on-one with an editor who will take a personal interest in you and your writing, and ensure that you get good results. You’ll be walked through the process of becoming published on a travel blog and a writing blog, with full support and all the mysteries taken out of it.

Milli Thornton

Along the way, you’ll learn to see things from an editor’s point of view—which will increase your chances of becoming published when you go for bigger goals.

You don’t have to become an editor. Just learn to put yourself in her shoes so you can fulfill what she’s looking for. Editors know their publications, and/or their market, and they’re wanting writers to give them material that will sell to those audiences. The more you understand how to do that, the better your chances for success.

Here you can start safe. Work with editor Milli Thornton as she mentors you to publication in this enjoyable and rewarding online course.


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Milli, I want to let you know how much I adore writing for you, simply because of the sheer enthusiasm you have for what we’re all doing. I’ve come to thrive on it, I want you to enjoy what I write and that gees me on soooo much.

JM Merchant

Please note that writing is required so be sure you have time to write the assignments. The course is self-paced and can be completed in about one month (or faster/slower, if you like).

Tuition: $250 – private mentored course

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