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Some people believe that in order to overcome their problems, all they need is one amazing breakthrough in which everything becomes clear and their problem is solved once and for all. In my experience, it doesn’t work like this. The human mind seems to need time and frequent reminders to making lasting changes.

— Tara Springett, author & holistic life coach

Time Management for Writers - Unleashyourwriting.com

Creativity + Productivity = Happy Writer

The Age-Old Writer’s Struggle

As I was designing this website and pulling all of my courses together into one place, I noticed a pattern. My writing courses tend to provide help not just with unleashing your creativity, but also with G.I.W. (Get it Written). Which involves issues such as pacing and time management.

The age-old struggle is already painfully obvious, but let’s talk about it anyway:

  • One of the biggest reasons why writers don’t do more writing is
    because they don’t make time to write.
  • Conversely, writers who get published have a strong, inbuilt habit
    of making time for their writing.

As discussed on the How To page of this site, I had my own journey to realizing that the secret to happiness as a writer is a combo of creativity and productivity.

10,000 Words or More

I then had some amazing experiences with using smart time management to get a lot of writing done. First, back in 2005, my friend J.R. Turner introduced me to the 10K Day. Not being a believer in productivity for productivity’s sake, I was skeptical. But after using the 10K Day structure to write 10,000+ words the first time I tried it—AND my creativity was only enhanced by the experience—that’s when I realized you need both.

A bit later, in 2007, I challenged myself to write a screenplay in a month. I’d never written one before, and I had no training to speak of. But I did have the story I wanted to write my movie from . . . which I’d written as an outline a full six years eariler. That’s a lot of procrastinating—six years! When I finally sat down to do it, I was determined to write my first draft in a month. And I did (29 days, actually).

Several years later, I used my own method to write the first draft for a second screenplay, again in less than a month. I now have a course based on my method (Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days) and I no longer quibble with the Creativity vs. Productivity issue. I’ve practiced both together so often it’s become second nature.

I realized it was time to create a course that focuses solely on time management for writers.

Is This Course for You?

If you can’t unequivocally state that you’ve got creativity and productivity working in sync to give you a fulfilling writing life—but if you’d like to be there—then this course is for you. It will help you tackle the big issues that underlie procrastination and poor time management.

This course will also help you tap into the creativity that’s waiting for you whenever you push through the invisible walls that keep you prisoner in your current unproductive or partly-productive cycles.

There’s plenty of provocative reading in this course to help you face the issues. But the absolute best way to anchor new good habits into your life is with practical exercises. The curriculum will provide you with written assignments as well as strategies to implement outwardly.

From the Curriculum

The Biggest Myth About Being a Writer
Understanding and Outwitting the Comfort Zone Monster
Time-Saver Tips: Getting In the Mood to Write
Make Time for Writing I: The Ruthless People System for Non-Ruthless People
Make Time for Writing II: A Secret Technique for Saying No to Time Vampires
How to Put Yourself Into the Upper 5% of Productive Writers
Pacing? What’s pacing got to do with writing?!

. . . and more

Super-Dooper Success Tip

This course won’t help you unless you actually DO the course and FINISH the assignments. Have you ever bought an e-book or signed up for a writing course but then you only read the first few pages or did the first assignment? Then you’ll know what I’m saying. Please, if you’re going to enroll, finish the course. That’s the only way it will make a difference in your life!

Tuition: $95

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