Curriculum for Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days

Fade In: The Seeds of Madness

What Kind of Madness Triggered My “Write a Screenplay in a Month” Mania?
The Order in Which Things are Going to Happen
Choosing the Easy Button

Setting Up Your Life to Operate as a Hermit Screenwriter for One Month

You Might Have to Be Alone For This One
O Stands for “Organize Your Workspace” (Not O for Obsess)
Order Up Dinner Before You Start
The Buddy System
How to Protect Your Tender Creative Self

Time Management

Making Time: The Ruthless People System for Non-Ruthless Types
Screenwriting Software and Formatting: Get Over It Before You Start
If You Can Do THIS, You’ll Automatically Put Yourself Within Sight of Trottier’s Famous 5%
Writing a Script in 29 Days (Even If You Work a Full-Time Job)

Simple & Quick Ways For Staying Healthy During Your Marathon Writing Stretch

How to Reduce Your Stress in Just Six Minutes So You Can Write
Sleep is for the Lazy . . . Isn’t It??
Healthy Snacks
Fast and Healthy Lunch
Add Some Quickie Salads to Your Quickie Dinners
Water: Do Writers Need It?

Staying Motivated, Staying Entertained & Educated

Simple, Visual Goal Setting
Reading Screenplays & Advice Books – Unconventional Wisdom
Reading for the Business
Controlling Your Reading / Writing Ratio
Watching Movies

The Actual Writing, Part 1: Start With a Treatment

Yuck. I hate the sound of “treatment.” Why can’t I skip this part?
Milli’s Easy-Button Treatment Template

About The Actual Writing, Part 2: Writing Proficiently

Take Every Opportunity to Write (Not Just the Ideal Ones)
Tools & Tips to Help You Generate a Writing Flow
(Don’t Go Back Over) Yesterday’s News
Your Flash Drive Should Never Grow Cobwebs

About The Actual Writing, Part 3: Your 29 Days

Basic Formatting
How Many Pages Did You Say You Wrote in 29 Days??
How I Solved My Act III Crisis

Time To Punch the Writing Clock: Your Timetable for
Making the 29-Day Magic Work For You

Worksheet for Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days
How to Use the Student Forum to Punch Through & Win Like Rocky Balboa

Fade Out

Recommended Books
Recommended Services

Please note that writing is required so be sure you have time to write the assignments. The course is self-paced and can be completed in about 8 weeks (or faster/slower, if you like).

Hey, wait a minute! I thought you said 29 Days?! Yes, if you follow the method presented in the course, you can write your first full-length script in roughly a month. However, you can’t do that without some prep. The first four weeks will be prep, and the second four weeks will be you writing your screenplay.

Tuition – $295 self-paced | $595 with mentoring from Milli*

* Mentoring from Milli includes 2 x 1-hour coaching calls, written feedback on your 29 Day plan and Milli’s daily support for 29 days to help you stick to your writing plan and get your script written. (See more about Milli’s coaching experience at Writer’s Muse Coaching Service.)


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