Fun & Productive How-To Courses for Writers

How-To courses for writersThe ability to concentrate and to use your time well is everything if you want to succeed in business—or in anything else, for that matter.

—Lee Iacocca

This is the section of the site where I present courses for writers with an accent on the P-word from the website tagline: productivity.

My Own Journey to “Getting It”

Back in 2000, when I was setting out to build my little Fear of Writing empire based on my book, I was a proponent of creativity over productivity.

For certain purposes, it can be great to tip the scales heavily in favor of creativity. But as I progressed with my mission—and especially as I worked with students in the Fear of Writing Online Course—I gradually changed my views. We need both.

Creativity and productivity.

Without creativity, we end up passionless, a dry well. But without good habits for carving out time to write—and actually getting something written, instead of just staring at the blinking cursor—we end up frustrated and blocked. Without a flow of regular writing, it’s hard to build true self-esteem as a writer.

Once I changed my viewpoint, I started helping my students figure out how to use pacing and accountability—both aspects of good time management—to get their assignments done. My rate of graduating students skyrocketed. (Amazing how many students never finished the Fear of Writing Online Course back when it only emphasized creativity.)

HOW TO Find More Time to Write, Write Thousands of Words in a Day, Write a Screenplay Fast & Work Effectively With an Editor

In Time Management for Writers, I share my tips and secrets for being a highly productive writer with 13 websites and numerous writing programs—in addition to finding time for my own writing.

Time Management for Writers -

Ace Your 10K Day! What does that mean? The 10K Day is a non-intimidating way to learn to unleash yourself and write thousands of words in a single day. Not only is this highly productive, it’s also liberating—and fun!

Ace Your 10K Day! - 10K Day for Writers -

In the online course Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days, you’ll learn an easy method for producing a screenplay in less than a month—even if you don’t know a thing about screenplay formatting.

Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days -

In Working With an Editor, students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with me (as the friendly editor of several online publications) to develop an understanding of what editors are looking for. The assignments and mentoring will create habits for success that will serve your productivity in the long run: by making you more effective when working with an editor.

Working With an Editor -