Refund Policy & Terms of Service

These policies are also available in Orientation

Not Your Average Dry Refund Policy

1. We make every effort to ensure the course is right for you before you enroll. You should do the same—by reading all the course material and asking questions if there’s anything you’re not sure of. You should only enroll if you intend to get the most from your course experience.

2. We don’t give refunds for lack of effort. (Activity reports in the admin panel show us which students are making an effort and which are not.) Please don’t enroll unless you’re ready for the commitment.

3. Refunds will not be considered unless you’ve done the following:

Post in the Help Forum asking for assistance with your problem

Your problem or dissatisfaction must be clearly stated, and you must be willing to attempt any solutions we offer. If this genuinely doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your enrollment fee, minus a portion based on how much service we provided you.

Firm But Loving Terms of Service

1. We do not allow students to critique one another’s writing. Our reasons are explained in brief on the FAQs page and more fully during Orientation. Our student forums are a safe zone. Treat your fellow students with respect or you will lose your access to the course.

If you ignore our policy and post critiques for fellow students, your login
will be revoked. No refunds are provided for students violating this policy.

2. If you elect on the enrollment form to receive a graduation date, your login will expire at midnight on your graduation date. If you did not elect to receive a graduation date, your login will expire if 45 days have elapsed without you logging in.

3. If something occurs in your life that will make it hard for you to graduate on time, you’re required to use our Extension Policy to request an extension. This is because we want to give you every chance to finish the course—but you must be proactive and do your part as well. Please don’t let things slide and lose your opportunity to finish the course!