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I don’t want to pay by credit card. What are my other options?

You can also pay by online check (takes 3-5 days to clear) or by sending a check in the mail. You can make those arrangements with Milli after your enrollment form has been approved.

I want to improve my writing. Why don’t you allow critiques?

This will be covered more fully during Orientation (along with tips for how to give supportive feedback to your fellow students), but one of the main reasons is that being a writer does not automatically qualify one to give a critique. And an inexpert critique can do a lot of damage.

There are enough places on the Web where you can go to have your writing critiqued. We’re here to provide a warm space for writers combining the principles of fun, creativity and productivity—and where you don’t have to be on guard or grow a thick skin.

Read the Kudos page for feedback from some of our students about having a safe space in which to unfold creatively.

What do you mean by Orientation?

After you receive your user name and password, the first thing you’ll be doing after you login will be Orientation. This is where you’ll be given guidelines for how to get the most from the course, as well as how to interact with others in the student forums, what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, and why. Orientation is very important for having a positive and effective course experience, so this will be time well spent.

Students are not permitted to enter the course itself until various submissions (using online forms) and Activity Reports in the admin panel indicate they’ve completed Orientation.

Where are the courses? Can I see one?

Our courses are built using Moodle software. Each course features student forums plus multiple sections containing reading material and assignments. Students are able to post assignments in the forums, and give and receive feedback.

Students also have the ability to create a profile, including a photo, and each student gets a Moodle blog, which is very easy to use.

Our Moodle login page is hosted on a separate site. You’ll get the link for that site, plus your own login, after you enroll.

Click here for Moodle images

Will there be a teacher helping me?

Most of our courses are self-paced, which means you’ll be working at your own speed and from your own desire to get the benefits. In most cases, there will not be a teacher leading a class. Students enroll whenever they’re ready to take a course, and current students are usually at different points in the same curriculum.

If you need help, or have a question, you can use the Help Forum to ask for assistance. Milli is always happy to help—and that’s a deeply genuine statement, not a platitude. (Check out the Kudos page for student feedback about what it’s like getting help from Milli.)

During Orientation you’ll be given more info about how and when to get help, but it will be up to you to take action—by reaching out and asking for it if you need help.

If you run into a more major issue with your writing during the course, or if you want some extra support, solutions or motivation, you can visit Milli’s coaching site, Writer’s Muse, and consider requesting a session.

Since most of the courses are self-paced, how come there’s a graduation date?

Writers can be really good at avoiding getting down to some writing.

Back when Milli started her first course (Fear of Writing Online Course, started in 2001), she frequently saw that students would only go a certain way with it before dropping out. This was even though they emailed her saying they loved the assignments and were having fun.

Various strategies were tried. Finally, when Milli put a firm graduation date on the course, introduced pacing tools, and expected students to finish each week’s worth of curriculum in one week, the graduation rate skyrocketed.

Accountability to your own writing life gets more written, sooner. We help with accountability by giving you a finishing date. We also provide info during Orientation on how to pace yourself throughout the course (i.e. do your assignments on a regular basis) to keep your graduation date doable. And Milli keeps an eye on logins. If you haven’t logged in recently enough to indicate you’re still active in the course, Milli will follow up with you to make sure you don’t let your own trail go cold.

Still got a question? Use the form below to contact Milli. She’ll be glad to help.