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“During ancient times, people monitored the passage of the sun because it was useful in predicting the change of seasons. Over time, however, people have begun to associate the zodiac sign, or Sun’s position in the zodiac, with birth dates and characteristics.”

— ‘astrological sign,’ Wikipedia

What’s more, we’ve even come to expect astrology to predict our lives. Whether or not it can actually do this is subject to opinion and controversy. Some people think it’s all superstition—or, at the very least, cookie cutter info about the complexities of being human. Some religions forbid their members from dabbling in it.

On the other hand, some people base their careers and credibility on giving readings from birth charts to paying customers. And millions of people every day check their horoscope online or in the newspaper.

Your character’s destiny is written in the stars

With all this energy surrounding it—both positive and negative—it would be almost wasteful for writers to ignore it completely. Anything that provides extra conflict for our stories is a subject worth exploring . . . and even better when it provides ready-made data for building fascinating fictional characters.

An imaginative course where you’ll write 13 new stories, here you’ll learn a fun way to use the zodiac to enhance your writing. The story assignments were invented using a blend of the writing prompt style from Milli’s book, Fear of Writing, with the zodiac info presented in Sun Signs for Writers by Bev Walton-Porter. You’ll push the envelope on creativity and fun using this unique take on writing and sun signs.

Tip: It’s recommended that you purchase a copy of Sun Signs for Writers when you enroll. Click on the book cover to purchase.

Milli knows what I’m aiming at so completely with Sun Signs for Writers
that she may as well have been my muse! ~ Bev Walton-Porter

Is This Course for You?

This course is for you if you’re already actively writing but you need an injection of fresh creative energy to help move you out of a rut. Or if you’ve gotten rusty—let’s face it, you haven’t been writing much at all—and you could do with a feast of fun story-writing that doesn’t require the usual hard work and commitment (such as blogging on a regular basis or taking a manuscript to publishable standards).

This course is also a great way to get some stories written by using the course structure: assignments provided for you, forums to post them in, other students to interact with (no critiques allowed, see our FAQs for why) and a special help forum where you can ask for help or get your questions answered by Milli.

If you’re suffering from fear of writing—and especially if you’re feeling crippled by it—this course will probably not help you. (It’s highly likely you would not work on your own to do the assignments because the fear would stop you.) You would first need to address the underlying issues that make you dread or avoid writing. The Fear of Writing Online Course is the best and most pin-pointed course we offer for that situation.

ZODIAC WRITER – Tuition: $59

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