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Many creative writing courses teach you the practical craft of writing and educate you on how to navigate the publishing world. We do not profess to be experts in that field.

Instead, the Fear of Writing Online Course provides a healing balm for fresh writing wounds and old scars or blocks—packaged with cheers and fun.

Our course is suited to writers and would-be writers from the following categories:

stalled writer / jaded writer / closet writer

If you haven’t written much in ages—or you’ve never really had the courage to start—we can definitely set you on (or back on) the path to calling yourself a writer.

Writers who feel burned out from doing it as a business (or from trying to please the publishing industry) also love our fun curriculum.

Although our curriculum is fun, helping a writer overcome fear of writing requires dedication, emotional commitment and a pace of regular writing for long enough to establish the habit. This course is for those who seriously want to reverse the trend of fear of writing, and develop a writing life that can be sustained with new good habits and a deepened sense of creativity.

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The Grad Course

Graduates of the Fear of Writing Online Course usually want to know what they can do to sustain the momentum they created during their 8 weeks of joyous writing. The Grad Course is a challenging and fun way to maintain the flow.

I’m more than satisfied with the amount of writing I did. In my assignments, I compared the me that came out the other side of the grad course to gold and a beautiful rose without feeling delusional. That means I accepted myself as a writer.

— Ramakrishna “Cram” Chavali, Tokyo, Japan