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Put your neuroses into your characters

Characterosis - Unleashyourwriting.comWe writers tend to add autobiographical touches to our writing. In fiction, this may be subtle and not publicly admitted to. Much of it may be unconscious—and altered in ways that make it unrecognizable, even to the authors themselves. But how can we help putting something of ourselves into our characters . . . even if it’s a compulsion we would never dream of living out ourselves?

Using autobiographical material deftly can be both therapeutic and fun. Let’s explore some of the techniques that can be used to blend reinterpreted fact with fiction, as well as the benefits and pitfalls of using real material disguised within your stories.

An irreverent course where you’ll write five new stories and learn some fun research tricks to enliven your imagination.

From the Curriculum

The Family Album
Granny Apple
The Body is My Language
New, Improved Soap With Added Fiber

. . . and more

Is This Course for You?

This course is for you if you’re already actively writing but you need an injection of fresh creative energy to help move you out of a rut. Or if you’ve gotten rusty—let’s face it, you haven’t been writing much at all—and you could do with a feast of fun story-writing that doesn’t require the usual hard work and commitment (such as blogging on a regular basis or taking a manuscript to publishable standards).

This course is also a great way to get some stories written by using the course structure: assignments provided for you, forums to post them in, other students to interact with (no critiques allowed, see our FAQs for why) and a special help forum where you can ask for help or get your questions answered by Milli.

If you’re suffering from fear of writing—and especially if you’re feeling crippled by it—this course will probably not help you. (It’s highly likely you would not work on your own to do the assignments because the fear would stop you.) You would first need to address the underlying issues that make you dread or avoid writing. The Fear of Writing Online Course is the best and most pin-pointed course we offer for that situation.

CHARACTEROSIS – Tuition: $39

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