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To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.

—George Kneller

Welcome. This is the section of our site where we present courses with an accent on the two most light-hearted words from our site’s tagline: creativity and fun.

Neuroses and the Zodiac

Neuroses and the zodiac: we’ve all been exposed to these subjects frequently—and with the advent of reality TV, the exposure to neuroses enters the realms of saturation. But taking a fresh look at over-exposed topics can give you new tools for your writing.

Here are two courses where you can do just that, while getting (respectively) 5 or 13 new stories written.

Zodiac Writer - Unleashyourwriting.comCharacterosis -

Breaking Out of Your Fear (or Your Writing Paralysis)

Our main course for the Creativity section of this site has been our flagship course since 2001.

If you’re suffering from fear of writing—and especially if you’re feeling crippled by it—the Fear of Writing Online Course is here to help. This course will assist you in many ways to address the underlying issues that make you dread or avoid writing.

Writing on a regular basis is the only way a writer or closet writer can break out of the fear of writing paralysis. And we make it fun.

This course has its own website, which you can visit by clicking this image:

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