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Writing When the Spirit Moves You

By guest blogger Marilyn Agee

Please help me welcome one of my students from the Ace Your 10K Day! online course, Marilyn, with her amazing 10K Day experience. ~ Milli

Mikey Dog with Magic

Mikey Dog (front)
with his friend Magic

I’ve had a book about my dog, Mikey, in my head for a long time. When I was in Milli’s coffeehouse workshop, writing from her story prompts, I began to gear all my stories around my remembrances of Mikey, who is no longer with us. This creative writing gave me a lot of preparation for the 10K day.

When the day finally came, I couldn’t write fast enough! The stories were all in my head and all I had to do was type. That was back in June 2009, at my very first 10K Day. So that day I was successful, reaching 10,174 words. Never to achieve 10,000 words again.

Milli’s online course prepared me for my April 2012 10K experience. I knew what I wanted to do. Continue reading

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Lucy Van Pelt’s Cutting-Edge Advice to Writers

By guest blogger Caroline Lilyard

Please help me welcome one of my students from the Fear of Writing online courses, Caroline, with her humorous take on life after graduation. ~ Milli

Lucy Van Pelt - The Doctor Is In bookmark

The Doctor Is In

“I can spot these writing types a mile away,” thought Lucy Van Pelt, as she watched the woman walk toward her booth. “Think they know everything; think they’re special because they have fear. Oh, I’m so sensitive, so artistic,” she said mockingly. “Well, whoopdee-frickin’-do, like nobody else but creative types are scared to do new things. Puhleeze. Get a grip.”

Lucy checked her facial expression and sat up straighter. In truth, she only charged five cents for her psychiatric help so there was an exchange. It’s not like she could buy much with that. She was providing a public service. Continue reading

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