About Milli

Milli Thornton of Writer's Muse Coaching ServiceSINCE 2001, Milli Thornton has been inspiring writers through her book, blogs, websites, workshops and online courses.

Author of the creatively unleashing book, Fear of Writing, her fun and supportive attitude has helped many writers heal from old creative wounds, or rediscover a passion for writing that got buried along the way.

Milli has also helped many “closet writers” come out of the closet and believe in their ability to write. Her methods pierce to the heart of creativity and she has a knack for motivating writers to get something new written.

Her writing prompts from the book and the assignments she designs for her online courses, writing workshops and coaching clients are often deceptively easy—tricking the writer into producing stories she didn’t realize she had waiting within. The typical response: “That was fun!”

Her evergreen course, Fear of Writing Online Course, has been helping writers since 2001.

A blogger at Screenwriting in the Boonies, Milli is a screenwriter with two completed scripts and two more in progress. Based on the method she developed to get her own scripts written, she’s the author of the course curriculum for Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days. She hosts the popular 10K Day for Writers twice a month and she designed the curriculum for the companion online course, Ace Your 10K Day!

Owner of Writer’s Muse Coaching Service, Milli said, “Besides the joys and terrors of my own writing life, I love nothing more than being a catalyst and a listening ear to help fellow writers blossom. I was born with a knack for seeing the potential in other writers . . . I love to exercise that knack through verbal encouragement, as well as assignments designed to coax the natural writer from within.” She also offers an Intuitive Life Coach service that is not exclusive to writers.

Milli and her staff of travel writers blog at Milliver’s Travels. She offers the Fear of Writing Clinic (based on her book) and other workshops for writers at Fun Writing Workshops.

Milli lives in Taos, New Mexico . . . but she still calls Australia home.


*Milli’s book, for sale on Amazon.com, is also used as the student manual in her flagship course, Fear of Writing Online Course