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Cram Chavali

If I don’t become a writer here, I don’t stand a chance of becoming a writer anywhere else on the planet. Milli is madly passionate about making writers out of us. She continually finds new ways to keep us from falling off the wagon. Nobody here, including the course presenter, alumni and other students, gives negative feedback about my posts. This is so important for my writer self to come out and play.

— Ramakrishna “Cram” Chavali, Tokyo, Japan

Unleash Your Writing! is chock-full of opportunities to approach your writing in fresh ways. We enjoy offering courses in ways not usually covered by the more traditional writing courses.

Even with a standard how-to course—such as Write Your First Screenplay in 29 Days—we offer angles on it that go beyond a traditional writing course, to embrace a lifestyle.

Also in our How-To Courses for Writers section, you can learn how easy and fun it can be to write thousands of words in a day (Ace Your 10K Day!), learn the simple secrets to impressing editors and gain experience working one-on-one with a friendly, accessible one (Working With an Editor), and reinvent the ways you use your time so you’ll have more time for writing—plus know how to get started when you do sit down to write (Time Management for Writers).

In our Creativity Courses for Writers section, you can get new stories written using fun ideas you might not have ever considered yourself (Zodiac Writer and Characterosis) or learn how to overcome your fear and write on a regular basis while having more fun (Fear of Writing Online Course).

For our Life Skills Courses, you don’t have to be a writer to benefit from learning how to turn inertia into action that can change your life (Unleash the Power Hidden in Procrastination!), get control of your finances and even have fun doing it (Household Budgeting Made Simple), and find your passion and teach it (Become a Workshop Presenter).

Help When You Need It

Site owner Milli Thornton sees everything that comes through the student forums and she takes a friendly, caring interest in everyone. Milli is available to help any time you need it. Every course has a Help Forum where you can get personal attention for your writing dilemma.

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